Our Process

There is no one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy guaranteed to produce results for all businesses in all circumstances. This is why we believe in offering a tailor-made digital marketing strategy to our clients

based on their current business goals and objectives. All businesses are at different stages of their growth and as such, their priorities are different, this then calls for a unique approach for every business. For all our clients, this is the process we engage in from start to finish.

1) Discovery Call

Our process starts with a 1-Hour Discovery call in which we discuss your business goals and objectives, clearly mapping the road your marketing journey should take in bringing you to the realization of those goals and objectives. From this meeting, our team extracts as much information as is needed to understand your business and generate Buyer Personas who will be the audience of your marketing strategy.

2) Digital Marketing Strategy

The next step in our process is crafting a digital marketing strategy based on our findings in the discovery call. This is crafted by a team of digital marketing specialists including SEO Specialists and Content Strategists and delivered by our experienced Content Writers and Editors.

3) Directional Call

After our team has come up with a thorough start-to-finish digital marketing strategy, we have another meeting with the client in which we share the direction our strategy will be taking, and we make adjustment if need be.

4) Campaign Launch

At this point, all revisions (if any) have been made and the direction of our campaign has been confirmed. Our writers go to work and content is published based on a content calendar designed prior.

5) Campaign Evaluation

At set intervals, whether monthly or on a quarterly basis, we evaluate the performance of our campaigns and based on the available data, we can establish whether we are in the direction of achieving the campaign’s objectives or if any adjustments have to be made.

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